Scientist, R&D

Scientist, R&D, located in Camarillo, CA

Job description:

The ideal candidate should have excellent problem solving skills and a desire to work in a research and development environment that involves mechanical, process and chemical engineering aspects, which is ultimately geared towards product manufacturing.

Projects are heavily weighted towards chemical processes involved in different aspects of filter manufacturing at an R&D/prototype scale to pilot and production scales. The candidate needs to be self-driven, embrace collaboration and be motivated to learn. He/She will ultimately be expected to take an ownership perspective of his work in the research and development project in the area of membranes, with the goal of overseeing, innovating and improving R&D pilot equipment operation, as well as scale-up operations with the help of engineers and scientist.

Many of our processes require understanding, designing, building and implementing mechanical devices and process controls to deal with different chemistries and polymer materials in order to form functional, reliable and robust filtration products. The current project will focus on membrane development, involving the optimization of polymer formulations and bench scale experiments that will eventually transition to pilot operation. Other work that will be involved includes thin-films and coating technologies towards membrane functionalization and optimization of processing condition controls. All work involved will have a sustained and constant focus on technology transfer of R&D activities to manufacturing. The position is not intended to be limited to R&D activities, meaning that the responsibility at different stages to ensure manufacturing viability of his work will remain a focus of the candidate’s work. This entails that the candidate will be required to have the capacity for foresight, be invested and accountable for the long-term success of his development work. He/She will be supported by the laboratory and engineering departments in order to achieve the objectives of the R&D team.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for hands-on experimental work in the area of membrane formation and equipment operation to test, validate ideas and implement them. He/she is expected to take a collaborative approach to meeting the projects goals and needs to be able to work in an interdisciplinary team, ranging from other scientist to technicians and engineers. He/she needs to be able and will need to carry out their own experiments, DOE, troubleshoot and effectively communicate their results through written reports and presentations.

The position will also require to carry out filter testing, failure analysis, lifetime studies, comparative performance evaluations using appropriate instrumentation that may involve chemical analysis, microscopy, thermal and mechanical properties evaluation.

The candidate should have good oral and written communication skills for effective inter-departmental collaborations with engineering, machine shop, product management and lab services, as well as outside firms.

The candidate is strongly encourage to prepare a presentation and/or bring a portfolio of previous work or projects that demonstrate an ability to perform in this position.


The candidate should have a minimum of a Master’s degree in a related field with relevant experience (3-5 years) in industry or a PhD in a relevant field to membrane science, polymer science or filtration, preferably with industry experience.



  • Familiarity with various lab instrumentation
  • Proven capabilities in writing effective reports and data analysis
  • Proven track-record of problem solving aptitude.
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Integrity and accountability


  • Solidworks or Inventor (2-D, 3-D CAD software)

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