FlexStation® Assembly

Flexstation Collapsed

FlexStation® rigid outer containers and accessory carts collapse for easy transport and storage.

Cart Handle

To begin setup, lock the cart's wheels as shown and set the removable handle aside.

Collapsed Flexstation on Cart

Place the collapsed FlexStation® on the cart.

Unlock Flexstation Lid

Unlock the yellow tabs and remove the FlexStation®'s lid.

Add Flexstation Cart Handle

Attach the cart handle, while the FlexStation® is still collapsed.

Open Flexstation Panels

Unfold the FlexStation®'s top panel into place.

Assemble FlexStation Planels

Continue unfolding until all panels are locked in place.

Remove Flexstation Tray

Remove the translucent tray from the bottom of the FlexStation®.

Remove FlexStation Frame

Remove and extend the legs of the false bottom frame outward.

Replace FlexStation Frame

Replace the false bottom frame.

FlexStation with False Bottom

Place the tray on top of the frame inside the FlexStation®.

Add TepoFlex Biocontainer

Guide the biocontainer's bottom-port tubing through the hole in the translucent tray and into FlexStation® tubing storage area.

Arrange TepoFlex Biocontainer

Align the biocontainer inside the FlexStation®.

Adjust TepoFlex Biocontainer

Ensure the corners of the biocontainer meet the corners of the FlexStation®.

FlexStation Rigid Outer Container

The FlexStation® is now ready for 3D biocontainer deployment and fluid transport.