nO-Ring® Filter Cartridge

An innovative adapter for sealing cartridge filters into 222- and 226-style filter housings

The nO-Ring® seal is an innovative adapter for sealing cartridge filters into 222- and 226-style filter housings. The patented nO-Ring® design provides the security of a double O-ring seal, without the use of elastomeric O-rings. This seal is ideal for use in critical pharmaceutical, semiconductor and chemical applications, which would otherwise require the use of expensive, fluoropolymeric or perfluoroelastomeric O-rings. Typical applications include filtration of high purity chemicals such as ultrapure and DI water, acids, bases, solvents, photochemicals, developers, etchants and rinses.

The patented nO-Ring® design eliminates the need to select and use expensive, chemically resistant O-rings for aggressive chemical or solvent applications. This reduces material costs for each batch or process line. By eliminating the extra O-ring materials, total filter extractables are reduced. Filter installation and removal concerns associated with O-ring durometer and/or deterioration in service are also eliminated.

Design Features:

  • All-polypropylene construction provides wide chemical compatibility, while reducing total filter extractables
  • Unique adapter design easily distinguishes nO-Ring® cartridges from other cartridges, which may have identically colored and textured o-rings, but differing chemical compatibilities
  • Media options include:
    STyLUX® or EverLUX® PES, SteriLUX® or Steridyne® PVDF, Ultradyne® PTFE and Chemdyne® PP membranes; ALpHA® and Vangard® PP microfiber; Protec® glass microfiber; DeltaMax® and DeltaDepth® PP depth media
nO-Ring Seal Adapter