FlexGro® Rocker Style Biocontainer Assemblies

Single-Use biocontainers for use in rocker style bioreactors

FlexGro® single-use rocker style biocontainer assemblies are ideal for various cell culture applications. FlexGro® biocontainers are available in up to 50 L (or a maximum of 25 L operating volume). Each FlexGro® assembly is supplied sterile (gamma-irradiated to insure an SAL of 10-6 substantiated according to ISO 11137 methodology).

FlexGro® biocontainers are available in Meissner’s ultraclean TepoFlex® multi-layer film. TepoFlex® polyethylene film provides a low extractables and leachables profile with the industry’s highest combined gas and water vapor barrier. TepoFlex® is the ideal choice for cell cultivation in production of vaccines and monoclonal antibodies including suspension (e.g. CHO, 293) and microcarrier culture (e.g. MDCK, BHK, Vero). FlexGro® biocontainers manufactured with TepoFlex® film have been qualified for cell culture by means of a leachables study targeting antioxidants and their radiolytic and oxidative degradation products, mitigating the risk of cellular inhibition resulting from such degradation products.

FlexGro® biocontainer assemblies can be easily customized to incorporate customer defined connections, tubing and port options. Our applications engineering team has the expertise to provide designs that optimize the application requirements.

FlexGro® rocker based biocontainer assemblies can be used in environments from 0 ºC to 50 ºC.

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FlexGro® biocontainer on a rocker
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10 L FlexGro® biocontainer assembly Custom tubing and ports
can be specified