Comprehensive Qualification and Validation Support and Services

MTS (Meissner Technical Services) provides complete laboratory testing, application expertise, and validation services to support our products. Our experienced filtration engineers, microbiologists, and scientists are dedicated to providing our customers with superior filtration solutions.

Meissner is committed to creative solution development for each customer’s application. MTS will analyze and evaluate filter selections to maximize system efficiency, economics and safety. MTS can assist customers through all phases of development, installation, scale-up, system optimization, validation and compliance.


In the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, MTS can provide your staff with the technical edge it needs to succeed.

Filter Performance & Analysis

MTS provides customers with a wide range of analytical testing, product support, and application development services.

SEM / X-Ray Analysis

Meissner employs a variety of different instruments to aid in the analysis and identification of contaminants removed from filtered fluids.

Facility Tours & Audits

Both customers and prospective customers are invited to tour Meissner’s world class, state-of-the-art facilities.

Training / Support

Meissner provides a broad range of on-site demonstrations, filtration education, installation training, and other informational seminars.