Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct Policy was last updated November 4th, 2020.


As a growing company with  global operations, we at Meissner1 recognize that we have a responsibility toward our employees, the environment, society, and our shareholders. We are committed to upholding strict ethical and sustainable practices in everything we do.

We understand that our company and our products are an integral part of the supply chain of our valued clients. Together with our employees we are striving for the integration of the principles of ecological, social and environmental ethical conduct into our corporate culture.

On this basis we at Meissner have developed the following Code of Conduct, which sets the ethical standards to which we are committed. By establishing, following and frequently updating this Code of Conduct, we express our desire to take responsibility for our people, the environment and our clients and to ensure that our actions are socially acceptable, environmentally sustainable, and ethical.

Social Policies and Principles

Human Rights
We understand the globally applicable regulations for the protection of human rights as fundamental and universally valid guidelines for our corporate activity. We are expressly committed not to use forced or child labor. To that end we observe Convention 138 (Minimum Age), Convention 79 (Night Work of Young Persons (Non-Industrial Occupations)), Convention 182 (Worst Forms of Child Labor), Convention 29 (Forced Labor), Convention 105 (Abolition of Forced Labor) of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Equal Opportunities and Nondiscrimination
We promote equal opportunities and equal treatment and prevent discrimination in the recruitment of personnel, promotions, and the provision of training and further education. No employee faces any disadvantage due to their gender, age, skin color, culture, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political views, disability, religious affiliation, or ideology. We observe Convention 111 (Discrimination (Employment and Occupation)) of the ILO.

Freedom of Association
We respect the right of our employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining. Our employee representatives are not subjected to discrimination or termination of contract in retaliation for exercising employee rights, submitting grievances, participating in union activities, or reporting suspected legal violations. We observe Convention 87 (Freedom of Association), Convention 98 (Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining) and Convention 135 (Workers’ Representatives) of the ILO.

Health and Safety in the Workplace
We comply with the applicable legal requirements regarding health and safety in the workplace in order to protect the health and safety of our employees. We follow internationally recognized standards such as Convention 155 (Occupational Safety and Health) of the ILO, actively work to identify and resolve safety deficiencies, and continually improve conditions in the workplace so that health and safety are guaranteed and protected.

Fair and Equal Pay / Fair Working Hours
We pursue a fair remuneration and working hours policy that takes into account all applicable laws. We further comply with Convention 100 (Equal Remuneration) of the ILO.

Environmental Policies and Principles

Environmental Protection
We have adopted measures to ensure that the environment is treated in a responsible manner throughout our entire operations. We strive to develop and disseminate environmentally friendly technologies. We comply with the applicable national laws, regulations, and standards pertaining to the protection of the environment. In the development and manufacturing of products, in their utilization phase, and in other activities, we take measures to minimize greenhouse gas and other emissions detrimental to the environment, whereas we strive to maximize the use of renewable resources.

Energy and Resource Efficiency
We use natural resources sparingly and reduce environmental impacts in the air, on land, and in the water. We contribute to reducing energy consumption.

Waste and Recycling
We consider the prevention of waste (including waste water), as well as, the reuse, recycling, and safe, environmentally friendly disposal of remaining waste in the development and manufacturing of products, in their utilization phase, and in other activities.

Product Safety
We observe all applicable legal requirements and provisions pertaining to product safety, in particular the legal requirements regarding the safety, labeling, and packaging of products as well as the use of hazardous substances and materials.

Ethical Policies and Principles

Legal Requirements
We act in an ethical and fair manner when operating our busines, observe all international, national, and local laws and regulations applicable to our business activities, and obtain all necessary permits.

Corruption and Bribery
We follow a zero tolerance policy in view of corruption and bribery and have taken all necessary measures to ensure that our employees, subcontractors, and representatives do not pay, offer, or accept any bribes, kickbacks, improper donations, or other improper payments or advantages to or from clients, public officials, or other third parties and otherwise comply with all applicable laws in that respect.

Money Laundering
We observe the applicable legal obligations regarding the prevention of money laundering.

Import and Export Controls
We comply with all the applicable laws pertaining to the import and export of goods, services, and information. We further respect any trade restrictions, embargoes, and sanctions applicable to our company and business.

We act fairly in the competitive environment and observe the applicable antitrust laws.

Data, Commercial Secrets, and Company Assets
We observe all applicable laws intended to protect the personal data of employees, clients, suppliers, visitors to our website and social media sites, and other affected parties. We respect expertise, patents, company and commercial secrets belonging to our clients or other involved parties.

Reporting and Customer Notification

We have implemented an internal reporting platform, where violations of this Code of Conduct can be reported in accordance with our Whisteblowing Policy which can be accessed at Should a breach of the provisions of this Code of Conduct be established, we will inform the affected client / supplier without undue delay. A client / supplier having become aware of a breach of our Code of Conduct, shall notify us in writing. Upon such notification we will endeavor to rectify the breach without undue delay. A PDF file of our Code of Conduct Policy can be downloaded here for reference.

1 Meissner Filtration Products, Inc. and all of its subsidiaries