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Critical Performance for Critical Process Industries

Meissner filters and housings, integrity test instruments, and single-use biocontainer and fluid path assemblies offer the highest levels of product performance, quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness. We serve the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microelectronics, ultrapure chemicals, food and beverage and allied industries.

From standard and high capacity capsule filters and small flow assemblies, to cartridges, stainless steel filter housings and integrity test instrumentation, Meissner products serve the complete range of microfiltration requirements. Our One-Touch® portfolio of single-use systems offers unprecedented fluid integrity performance and integral fluid management for shipping and storage needs.

Meissner filters for critical applications are constructed with absolute-rated filtration media. All components are thermally bonded without adhesives or additional materials. These products excel in high flow rates, low pressure drops and high dirt-holding capacity. They have exceptionally high mechanical strength to withstand repeated sterilizations and sanitizations. Meissner filters also provide extremely low extractables.

Our graded-density polypropylene microfiber filters are standout performers for their absolute particulate ratings, reliable under even the most severe process conditions, and their high dirt-holding capacity.

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Meissner develops, manufactures, supplies and services advanced microfiltration products and single-use systems worldwide. Meissner stands as a leader in microfiltration by providing high performance products and technical support services for critical applications.

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Meissner’s Automated, Ultraclean Production

Totally automated production gives Meissner filters the most uniform, consistent construction and performance available anywhere. Assembly, testing, and packaging of Meissner products are performed in Class 7 cleanrooms. Meissner filters are constructed with materials to meet FDA requirements for food contact use, and are biosafe in compliance with USP Class VI Biologicals Tests for Plastics.

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Meissner’s Advanced Instrumentation

The AccuFlux® automated filter integrity test instrument performs tests faster and more accurately than other instruments. Its speed, accuracy, versatility, and ease of operation set the industry standard.

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Fast Deliveries

Prompt deliveries are a hallmark of Meissner customer service. Meissner deliveries are on time and error-free through our state-of-the-art automated manufacturing and shipping processes.

Meissner customers cut their inventory costs, by maintaining only necessary inventory. Meissner’s manufacturing and distribution process gives customers the fastest, most reliable shipments in the filtration industry.

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Meissner’s Technical and Validation Services

MTS, Meissner Technical Services, provides complete technical support for all Meissner products and industries served. Our staff of industry-expert scientists and technicians solves technical filtration issues for our customers, and is ready to serve your needs.

MTS Validation Services leads the filtration industry in providing timely, thorough filter validations for our pharmaceutical industry customers. Our extensive industry experience makes it easier to validate Meissner filters for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Complete validation packages, ready for review by FDA or other appropriate regulatory agencies, are provided by MTS Validation Services.

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Meissner’s Global Distribution, Local Support

Meissner supports a global network of filtration and single-use systems experts. Working closely with our customers, we specify and optimize the best Meissner products and systems for specific applications. Meissner distributors are also ready to meet your needs for microfiltration products, technical information and local support, ordering information, and logistical support.

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Ethical Conduct

Meissner adheres to a strict ethical conduct policy (“Code of Conduct Policy“).  This policy outlines our commitment to ethical behavior and sustainable practices, and also includes a reporting mechanism.