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The key characteristics that define Meissner’s commitments are: Risk Reduction, Vertical Integration, Automation and Quality.

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The key characteristics that define Meissner’s focus are: Specialization, Customer Experience, Scientific Expertise and Engineering Acumen.

Corporate Capabilities
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Critical Filtration

Filter options provide solutions for critical through prefiltration applications in form factors from lab scale and PD through full scale production (cartridges, capsules and ultra high capacity capsule filters).

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Highlighted Innovations

Freeze & Thaw Platform

A scalable, robust, completely single-use freeze and thaw platform for biopharmaceuticals. This end-to-end solution provides the industry leading implementation of this demanding unit processing operation.

Integrity Testing

This filter integrity test instrument is engineered to combine the highest levels of instrument accuracy, robustness, and ease of use to deliver the fastest test times in industry.

Aseptic Filling Solutions

A fully disposable option that eliminates the risk of cross contamination and reduces the cost of cleaning and documentation at all levels of pharmaceutical production.

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The Innovation Fast-Track

Isolated from Headquarters and daily manufacturing operations, new products can be streamlined – from idea through research, design, prototype, manufacture and testing – all within our Research Center without distraction or interruption.

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MAARC (Meissner’s Advanced Asymmetric Research Center) is located in San Luis Obispo, CA. It’s close proximity to excellent engineering schools allows us to recruit top talent for our Center and manufacturing facilities.

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UltraCap H.D. Inline

UltraCap® H.D. Capsule Filter

Universal Lab Stand with TepoFlex PE Biocontainer

Universal Lab Stand

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FlexCessory™ Cart

360 QuaDrum 100 L Filled

QuaDrum® Storage Container

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Technical Services


Meissner Technical Services provides comprehensive qualification and validation services, documentation and application support to optimize filtration and single-use systems. We are committed to providing the utmost level of product quality and customer care. Our global client base is locally serviced through a worldwide network of personnel.

Our experienced staff of engineers, microbiologists, scientists and subject matter experts is dedicated to providing our customers with solutions to maximize system efficiency, economics and safety.