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Meissner Corporate Summary

Corporate Summary

CryoVault™ Freeze & Thaw Platform Overview

INTERPHEX 2019 Show Recap

Meissner at INTERPHEX NY 2019 Highlights

Single-Use Filling Assemblies at INTERPHEX 2019

Single-Use Filling Assemblies at INTERPHEX 2019

CryoVault Presentation at INTERPHEX 2019

CryoVault™ Freeze & Thaw Presentation at INTERPHEX

Aseptic Filling a TepoFlex® Biocontainer

CryoVault Small Scale Freezer Loading

CryoVault™ – Small Scale Freezer Loading

CryoVault Large Scale Freezer Loading

CryoVault™ – Large Scale Freezer Loading

Demo of the AccuFlux® Filter Integrity Tester

AccuFlux® Integrity Tester – Real Time Diffusive Flow Test

AccuFlux® Integrity Tester – Real Time Bubble Point Test

AccuFlux® Integrity Tester Demo

Thermoelectric Sealer (TESV2)

Single-Use Filling Assemblies Showcase

CryoVault™ Freeze & Thaw Platform Showcase

3000 L TepoFlex® PE Biocontainer Fill

Dual End-Ported Rolling Cart

Dual End-Ported Rolling Cart

200 L FlexStation Filled Video

200 L FlexStation® Filled

Universal Lab Stand Video

Universal Lab Stand

Meissner Customer Experience

Customer Experience

INTERPHEX New York 2016

Homogenization 6 Hz – Dual Oscillation

Homogenization 12 Hz – Single Oscillation

Visual Verification – Particle Tracking

Visual Verification – Dye Dispersion

Velocity Vector Data

Shear Stress Test 6 Hz

500 L FlexStation® with SmartMover

FlexFill® Biocontainer Transfer Assembly

500 L FlexStation® ROC

200 L FlexStation® Top-port

200 L FlexStation® Bottom-port

1,000 L FlexStation® ROC

QuaDrum® 3 Inch TC Lid

QuaDrum® Recirculation Loop

Automation & Single-Use Systems

100 L QuaDrum® Fill