What to Expect

What We Deliver Daily For Our Clients

The key characteristics that define Meissner can be categorized into core commitments and focus, and they drive what we deliver on daily for our clients.

Meissner Commitments

Risk Reduction

Our primary commitment is a reduction in risk for our clients processes, and ultimately, the patients who use their products. We understand that the products and services we provide have an immediately tangible impact on the human condition.

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration allows us to provide an exceedingly robust supply chain and augmented quality control, while at the same time facilitating enhanced material traceability and transparency.


Automation encompasses all of our processes, not just production equipment. We use automation to reduce risk for our clients while also increasing their operational efficiency. Automated systems provide error proofing and are refined until all sources of variability are removed. We employ sophisticated IT technology to facilitate increased transparency, promote efficiency via electronic order processing, establish customer access portals and integrate with our client’s operating systems to optimize data transfer.


Our products and systems cannot and do not fail. Right products, to specification, every time, on time. Quality is not a silo at Meissner, it’s an elementary commitment, a critical component of our organization that drives continuous improvement.

Meissner Focus


We are the best in class at what we do and won’t provide a commodity for the sole purpose of rounding out a portfolio. This industry values expertise, and in those areas in which we specialize, we deliver this.

Customer Experience

The traditional vendor-customer paradigm does not apply to the space in which we interact with our clients. We establish open communication with our clients at multiple levels within the organization, creating cross functional teams and a long term partnership. We take pride in quickly addressing our client’s needs, whether technical, logistical or product based. We ensure the shortest path possible to our team of experts, delivering rapid access to the answers sought and answering questions at the first contact with our organization.

Scientific Expertise

We understand and expand the science behind our products and apply it early to your process. Our clients rely on us for this knowledge and we continuously focus on enhancing our capabilities, knowledge base, and the level of support we provide.

Engineering Acumen

We provide “Personalized Engineering.” The solutions our engineering teams develop for your process are customized for your specific needs. They use fundamental building blocks based on our well-established engineering design space, and leverage our knowledge base pertaining to best practices.