Single-Use Systems

Single-Use Systems Optimized for Fluid Management

Meissner’s One-Touch® single-use systems portfolio delivers optimized fluid handling to the biopharmaceutical industry. Designed to offer unprecedented fluid integrity performance, TepoFlex® polyolefin-based biocontainers are available in 2D and 3D configurations for R&D through production needs. BioFlex® fluid path assemblies provide convenient, secure fluid transfer flexibility for single-use systems, as well as traditional conventional systems. FluoroFlex® PVDF-based biocontainers are available in 50 mL to 20 L configurations for use in applications beyond the capabilities of PE-based biocontainers. FlexStation® rigid outer containers (ROC’s) are the perfect complement to Meissner’s TepoFlex® 3D biocontainers, and provide integral fluid management for shipping and storage needs. Custom accessory carts and pallet trucks are available to facilitate mobilization of fully deployed biocontainers in FlexStation® ROC’s. QuaDrum® containers offer another option for deployment and storage of Meissner’s One-Touch® single-use biocontainer assemblies.

Meissner offers a full line of FlexCessory products, which complement and support our single-use product portfolios. We also offer the SGT (Single-Use Gauge Tee), which provides high accuracy pressure monitoring functionality for pre-sterilized single-use systems. Our specialty biocontainers include the FlexFill® biocontainer transfer assembly and the FlexFill® mixing assembly.

Meissner’s One-Touch® Green Doc provides a quick, easy reference guide to our complete portfolio of single-use systems and serves as a product operating and instruction manual. The guide covers all aspects of our single-use systems, from deployment of the products within our single-use portfolio through disposal of used single-use systems.

Meissner’s own manufactured M-Flex® TPE tubing has been optimized for use in critical biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications and serves as the backbone for our BioLink® modular overmolding, which offers a more robust alternative to traditional overmolding with the speed and flexibility of mechanical connections, while allowing for connectivity to filters and SGTs.