Quality Focus

Quality Applications for Demanding Industries

Meissner is committed to supplying the most sophisticated industries with products of the highest and most consistent quality. We are committed to the principles and practices of Total Quality. All products are designed to meet the most stringent requirements and all are manufactured with validated materials of construction, under the same rigorous quality standards, using highly automated processes.

Meissner designs quality into our product manufacturing and delivery systems. All manufacturing operations-staging, assembly, testing, and packaging-are performed in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms. Totally automated production processes ensure that our filtration products have the most uniform, consistent construction and performance available anywhere.

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Nitzan Navick, Quality Focus

Meissner’s automated manufacturing and tracking operations enable Meissner to deliver the highest levels of microfiltration product performance, quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness in the filtration industry.

Meissner has an extensive and well documented quality management system, which is in voluntary compliance with GMP CFR Title 21, 210 and 211. Production, shipping, and documentation are controlled by sophisticated manufacturing software that monitors machinery and completely traces all raw materials and manufactured items. Operator error is virtually eliminated by ensuring that work orders are entirely built to specification and machinery is properly configured. Raw materials are completely traceable both forward and backward. RFID tags and barcodes ensure that the correct raw materials and assemblies are transferred to each work center. All assemblies are tracked through the entire production process from the earliest stages of manufacture through shipping to our customers.

Meissner’s products are tested during manufacture to assure consistent and reliable performance. Pre-release processing of Meissner critical membrane filters includes flushing with ultra-high purity water and integrity testing of each filter. Lot release criteria include microbial challenge and endotoxin levels. All integrity test parameters are validated using industry standard microbial challenge tests. Meissner supplies Certificates of Quality to document product quality, certifying the condition and quality of each product lot at time of shipment.

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