Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic Response Statement

On March 19, 2020, Governor Newsom from California issued Executive Order N-33-20, which mandated all non-essential businesses to close temporarily. As a critical piece of our health infrastructure, Meissner is classified as an essential business and must remain open. Meissner’s operation, logistics, quality assurance, and customer service will continue without disruption, and we have additionally taken significant steps to protect employees who are unable to work from home.

Meissner had a well-developed pandemic and business continuity plan in place prior to the COVID-19 event. We have been executing that plan in stages, which exceeds those recommended by local and state health authorities. Meissner will continue to monitor the situation and to serve our customers, while keeping our employees safe.

Meissner filters for critical applications are constructed with absolute-rated filtration media. All components are thermally bonded without adhesives or additional materials. These products excel in high flow rates, low pressure drops and high dirt-holding capacity. They have exceptionally high mechanical strength to withstand repeated sterilizations and sanitizations. Meissner filters also provide extremely low extractables.

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