A panel of pharmaceutical industry experts delivers advice for first time adopters of single-use technology, and which processes are easiest to transition to disposable technologies.

American Pharmaceutical Review: Single-Use/Disposables Technologies and Equipment Roundtable

This American Pharmaceutical Review article discusses the best practices for implementing single-use (disposable) technologies, and the consequences of understanding that as an end-user, you are effectively outsourcing functions were serviced via in-house capacity with traditional systems. The easiest processes to transition to single-use systems are highlighted with a focus on implementing best practices for integrating single-use and stainless steel equipment (hybrid systems). Predictions for the future of single-use systems are discussed. The panel includes Max Blomberg, Director of Operations, and Christian Julien, Director of Pharma Process Solutions, as well as experts from Finesse, BioPlan Associates, Pall Life Sciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Ulteemit Bioconsulting.