Ultradyne® PTFE Membrane (Hydrophobic)

PTFE membrane filters providing the utmost assurance of chemical resistance, durability and critical filtration performance in aggressive fluids.

Ultradyne® absolute-rated polytetrafluoride ethylene (PTFE) membrane filters offer the highest level of assurance of chemical compatibility and filtration performance in aggressive chemicals, prolonged hot air service and other severe process conditions. Ultradyne® filters‘ PTFE membrane delivers superior flow rates and long service life. The highly porous membrane is inherently hydrophobic and offers maximum chemical compatibility with minimal extractables in a wide range of fluids and applications. Support components are all-polypropylene.

Design Features

  • Absolute liquid ratings from 0.1 µm to 1.0 µm
  • Meets ASTM bacterial validation standards
  • Superior flow rates at low pressure drops
  • Ultraclean – no additives, surfactants or post-treatments
  • Inherently hydrophobic PTFE membrane
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Extended service life in sterilizing hot compressed air
  • Minimal extractables levels
  • 100% integrity tested
  • Cleanroom manufactured
What are the typical applications?
Ultradyne® meets the critical demand for contamination control in the chemical, microelectronics, aerospace, biologicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and other industries. The Ultradyne® cartridge is designed for the removal of particulates, colloids and microorganisms from aggressive solvents, highly corrosive chemicals and gases. It is ideal for bulk and point-of-use filtration.Typical chemicals include:
  • Highly concentrated acids
  • Bases
  • Alcohols
  • Chlorinated and fluorinated solvents
  • Esters
  • Ketones
  • Photoresists
  • Etchants
  • Photolithographic solutions
For aqueous solutions, the Ultradyne® filter must be pre-wet by immersion in a suitable low surface tension fluid. The inherently hydrophobic Ultradyne® filter is ideal for gas filtration applications that include:
  • Compressed air
  • Fermentation air
  • Pressurized gases
  • Tank venting

    Filter Configurations Available for Ultradyne®

    UltraSnap® Filter Assembly

    UltraCap® H.D. Capsule Filters

    UltraCap® Capsule Filters

    Small Cartridges

    Standard Capsule Filters

    Medium Capsule Filters

    Mini Capsule Filters

    50 mm Filter Devices

    25 mm Syringe Filter Devices

    Disc Filters

    Typical water flow rates per 10" cartridge

    Typical air flow rates per 10" cartridge

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