A Closer Look at the CryoVault™ Platform for Freeze and Thaw of Bulk Drug Substance (BDS) and Critical Biopharmaceuticals.

Meissner’s CryoVault™ Freeze and Thaw Solution

This overview of the CryoVault™ Platform takes you inside a demo suite that provides Meissner’s clients the opportunity to experience this end-to-end solution for the freeze and thaw of critical biopharmaceuticals.  Once inside the demo suite, clients can interact with the CryoVault™ containers, and all of the supporting infrastructure.  This includes pallets, pallet movers, accessory carts for fill and dispense, mixers and large and small scale freezers and secure shippers to ship BDS and drug product.  CryoVault™ is scalable, robust, and completely single-use.  Join, Robert Davies, Meissner’s Product Manager Process Solutions/Integrated Solutions, as we explore our client demo suite featuring our CryoVault™ freeze and thaw platform.