Aseptic Filling Systems

PDC Aseptic Filling Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative filling solutions for biopharmaceutical products. PDC’s technology allows for single-use aseptic filling at a significant savings compared to manifold filling. PDC’s proprietary disposable fill system liners, give customers a fully disposable option that eliminates the risk of cross contamination and reduces the cost of cleaning and documentation at all levels of pharmaceutical production.

We invite you to review our website and welcome your inquiry about PDC’s aseptic filling systems and suite of disposable products designed to bring sterility, automation, and cost effectiveness to the fill and finish segment of the biopharmaceutical industry.

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PDC Filling Machine Information
Fill Liner

A single-use fluid path, or fill liner, used in conjunction with the large volume aseptic filler is shown below. The fill liner is easily installed at the beginning of a batch (typically between 100 L to 20,000 L). It is then used to fill all of the single-use assemblies that are part of that batch. Change over between batches is quick and results in minimal downtime, as all fluid contact surfaces are single-use.

PDC FIll Liner Information
Support Stands

The PDC large volume aseptic filler is available with support stands for filling biocontainers between 1 L to 20 L, while larger single-use assemblies are filled via an extended fill tubing section.

PDC Biocontainer Transfer Table Front
PDC Biocontainer Transfer Table Angle
PDC Biocontainer Transfer Table Side

Aseptic Filling Video

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