Chemdyne® Filter Cartridge

Polypropylene membrane filters offering the maximum in security, reliability and economy for critical filtration of solvents, corrosive chemicals and gases

Chemdyne® filters are absolute rated membrane filters constructed of 100% pure polypropylene (PP). The PP membrane provides maximum chemical compatability, filtration performance, reliability and economy in a wide range of critical process applications. The highly porous membrane is inherently hydrophobic and provides wide chemical compatibility. Chemdyne® filters are available with virtually zero sodium or trace metal extractables.

Design Features:

  • Absolute liquid ratings from 0.04 µm to 0.2 µm
  • Meets ASTM bacterial validation standards
  • All-polypropylene construction
  • Ultraclean - no additives, surfactants or post-treatments
  • High flow rates at low pressure drops
  • Inherently hydrophobic membrane
  • Wide chemical compatability
  • Extremely low extractables
  • 100% integrity tested
  • Cleanroom manufactured
  • Cost-effective alternative to PTFE filters
Chemdyne Filter Cartridge