EverLUX® PES Filter Cartridge

This technologically advanced polyethersulfone (PES) membrane filter's highly tapered, thicker pore structure provides built-in prefiltration for high contaminant capacity, extended service life and high flow rates

EverLUX® polyethersulfone (PES) filters are optimized for sterile filtration, prefiltration and clarification applications where exceptional capacity, low protein binding and absolute bacteria retention are required. This absolute-rated PES membrane filter is permanently hydrophilic. The EverLUX® membrane's tapered pore structure provides built-in prefiltration, allowing it to withstand higher particle loads without compromising flow rates. This extended capacity and service life can be directly translated into lower filtration costs. The EverLUX® filter is also available in discs, capsules, high-capacity UltraCap® and UltraCap® H.D. capsules.

Design Features:

  • Absolute ratings from 0.2 µm to 0.6 µm
  • Unique, patented PES membrane with high flow rates and exceptional service life
  • Minimum pressure drop
  • Chemical compatibility across pH 1-14
  • Ultraclean – no additives, surfactants or post-treatments
  • Fully integrity testable in water
  • PES is a permanently hydrophilic membrane
  • Low adsorption, high transmission of proteins, active ingredients, and preservatives
  • Superior throughput in high-contaminant fluids, including growth media, serum, and protein-containing solutions
  • Lower filtration costs through increased service life and contaminant-holding capacity
  • Meets ASTM bacterial validation standards
  • Cleanroom manufactured

Typical Applications:

Sterilization, prefiltration and clarification of low- to high-contaminant liquids, including:
  • Blood products
  • Buffers
  • Complex biologicals
  • Cell and tissue culture media
  • Process intermediates
  • Protein solutions
  • Supernatants
  • Vaccines
  • Ophthalmics
EverLUX Filter Cartridge