FlexFill® Mixing Assembly

A single-use system for small volume mixing applications

Meissner's FlexFill® mixing assemblies have been optimized for small volume powder-liquid and liquid-liquid mixing applications. The distinctive tapered shape of the FlexFill® biocontainer combined with the unique porting locations featured on the FlexFill® mixing assemblies provide robust mixing action when used with virtually any peristaltic pump.

FlexFill® Mixing assemblies are manufactured from Meissner's ultra-clear TepoFlex® film. This level of biocontainer clarity allows for exceptional visual monitoring of the mixing process, especially when deployed on the portable FlexCessory™ stainless steel stand.

FlexFill® Mixing assemblies can be customized for your process requirements. A large diameter screw cap port is available for easy powder addition and fluid paths can be specified to support multiple fluid additions, aseptic sampling and downstream connectivity. Like all FlexFill® products, the mixing assemblies support aseptic processing when deployed in a laminar flow hood or when specified with sterile fluid path connection options. FlexFill® Mixing assemblies are delivered sterile and ready for use.

For more information on
FlexFill® Mixing download the
TepoFlex® Standards Guide.

TepoFlex Standards Guide
FlexFill Mixing Assembly