TepoFlex® Biocontainers

Polyethylene-based biocontainers optimized for single-use system requirements within the biopharmaceutical industry

Within Meissner's One-Touch® portfolio of single-use systems, TepoFlex® biocontainers provide robust, secure fluid handling options. TepoFlex® biocontainers are available in 2D end-ported designs (from 50 mL to 20 L) and face-ported 2D designs (from 5 L to 200 L), and 3D designs (from 100 L to 1000 L). TepoFlex® can be fitted with customer-specified tubing lengths, connectors, and end fittings, or ordered with BioFlex® fluid path/tubing assemblies to provide maximum flexibility. Custom biocontainers can be designed to meet the requirements of customer's existing rigid outer containers and bioprocessing systems. Specialty biocontainers, such as the FlexFill® transfer assembly, can provide maximum ease and convenience for aseptic transfer of small process volumes, while FlexGro® rocker style assemblies are ideal for cell culture applications. A TepoFlex® biocontainer 'standards' design library, which we call our Standards Guide, provides end users with quick, convenient options for most common fluid handling applications.

Meissner has engineered slip agents out of the TepoFlex® manufacturing process, so they can't leach into your process fluids. Our innovative welding technology maintains 95% of the film's strength to provide outstanding security for your process fluids. TepoFlex® biocontainers and fluid path assemblies are backed by a comprehensive qualification guide to support end users. FlexStation® rigid outer shipping and storage containers fit Meissner's TepoFlex® 3D biocontainers to provide shipping and storage solutions. Our QuaDrum® containers offer an alternative to cylindrical drum containers and securely support TepoFlex® 3D biocontainers for intra-facility storage needs.

200 L TepoFlex Biocontainer in FlexStation with Operator
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TepoFlex 50mL biocontainer
TepoFlex® 50 mL biocontainer
TepoFlex 20 L biocontainer
TepoFlex® 20 L biocontainer
TepoFlex 3D biocontainer
TepoFlex® 3D biocontainer
TepoFlex biocontainer in a<br />cylindrical drum
TepoFlex® biocontainers fit
industry standard drums
TepoFlex bags
TepoFlex® biocontainer deployed
in a 200 L QuaDrum®
TepoFlex bags
TepoFlex® biocontainer deployed
in a 500 L FlexStation®