BioFlex® Overmolded Bottle Stopper Assembly

Meissner’s overmolded bottle stopper assembly is available for storage and sampling of media and biological solutions

Meissner’s overmolded bottle stopper assembly is optimized for bottle integration to provide a process solution for applications such as sampling that requires exposure to a VHP sterilization cycle prior to entering a high classification area for sterility testing, and long-term frozen storage of sample product.

Meissner’s overmolded bottle stopper features two 1/8″ inner diameter x ¼” outer diameter tubing lines that provide access to the interior of the bottle. Each of these lines can be specified with dip tubes of various tubing lengths. The tubing, Meissner’s own proprietary M-Flex® thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing offers excellent sealing and welding performance. Meissner’s 25 mm Steridyne® PVDF filter device, or CA2 model filter, provides a sterile vent option on the assembly.

Meissner’s overmolded bottle stopper is manufactured in our ISO Class 7 cleanrooms using the same resin as our M-Flex® TPE tubing and our BioLink® modular overmolding components.

Storage and sampling of media, biologicals and other aqueous solutions.

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