BioFlex® PVC Tubing

PVC Pharmaceutical Grade Tubing

Meissner’s BioFlex® PVC pharmaceutical grade tubing is suited for high-throughput biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, as well as cell therapy applications. The tubing is radio frequency (RF) seal/weld compatible and available in large and small-bore options. BioFlex® PVC tubing is comprised of a non-cytotoxic USP Class VI PVC polymer that is REACH compliant, animal component free (ACF), and formulated with a next generation non-phthalate plasticizer.

Customizable to individual process requirements, BioFlex® PVC is readily integrated into gramma-irradiated fully closed single-use assemblies to enable maximum flexibility, risk mitigation, and convenience in deployment. Accompanied by a comprehensive qualification package to assist in expediting client’s internal qualification processes and available in bulk quantities through Meissner’s OEM program for subsequent integration into single-use assemblies.

Our team of Application Engineers is dedicated to ensuring that our customer’s process requirements are met with our custom single-use assembly designs. Whether you are interested in single-use assemblies or bulk purchasing for integration, our team of subject matter experts is available to assist in exploring how BioFlex® PVC can be best implemented in your operation.

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