BioFlex® TPE Tubing

Meissner's extruded thermoplastic elastomer tubing delivers optimum performance in single-use applications.

Meissner’s BioFlex® TPE tubing offers next generation performance and the robust supply chain required for critical single-use applications. The exceptionally clear tubing is available in many standard sizes and custom sizes can be readily accommodated. BioFlex® TPE tubing offers excellent sealing and welding performance. It is compatible with peristaltic pumping operations and it has been optimized for integration into single-use systems. BioFlex® TPE has been extensively tested and offers robust performance over a wide range of operational conditions, including sub-zero applications.

Meissner’s BioLink™ modular overmolding incorporates lengths of BioFlex® TPE tubing with overmolded unitized end fittings with polypropylene modules and filter adaptors to deliver next generation connectivity and increased process robustness.

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