Dual End-Ported Biocontainer Cart

Meissner’s FlexCessory™ dual end-ported biocontainer cart provides an added level of convenience and security when deploying end-ported TepoFlex® PE and FluoroFlex® PVDF biocontainer assemblies. The stand can support up to two 20 L end-ported biocontainers and is adjustable to a height of 72 inches. Biocontainer assemblies can be supported directly on the notched head of the cart or hung from an ergonomically designed stainless steel FlexCessory™ hanger. The stand is equipped with two locking wheels to ensure security while stationary and is designed with a footprint that ensures dynamic stability. The height can be easily adjusted by using the center post clamp. The stainless steel cart incorporates two removable polycarbonate drip trays in its base for ease of sanitization. Optional attachments are available to secure single-use filter capsules, such as the UltraCap® H.D. capsule filter, to the cart’s center post. This arrangement is ideal for use with single-use assemblies designed to accommodate pre-use filter integrity testing procedures.

Biocontainer Cart 360° View

360 FlexCessory Rolling Stand With Components

FlexCessory™ Rolling Stand

360 Ultrasnap® on FlexCessory® Cart

Dual End-Ported Biocontainer Cart with UltraCap® H.D. Capsule Filters

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