FlexFill® Biocontainer Transfer Assembly

For quick, convenient aseptic transfer of small volumes of liquid.

Meissner’s single-use biocontainer transfer assembly, FlexFill®, is ideally suited in applications where fast and dependable aseptic transfer of small process volumes are required. The FlexFill® assembly provides a convenient way to aseptically transfer bottled cell culture media, sera, reagents, supplements, buffers and microcarriers to your bioreactor. FlexFill® mitigates the risk of product contamination and effectively addresses the challenges with directly transferring sterile bottled liquids to single-use or multiple-use bioreactor systems in non-permissive environments.

The FlexFill® transfer assembly can be easily filled through its uniquely located extra large screw cap port. A stainless steel FlexCessory™ stand allows end users to aseptically fill the transfer assembly inside a laminar flow hood with ease. Once filled the liquid can either be stored in the assembly or transferred, in increments or in its entirety, without any hold up volume to your culture system. FlexFill® biocontainer assemblies can be readily customized to support aseptic connectivity with a host of fitting and tubing options which allows for a seamless interface with your process.

A biocontainer assembly for small volume single-use mixing applications, the FlexFill® Mixing Assembly, is also available.

Aseptically transfer small sterile process volumes from bottles to single-use or multiple-use biocontainers:

  • Cell culture media
  • Sera
  • Reagents
  • Supplements
  • Buffers
  • Microcarriers

FlexFill® 360° View

5 L FlexFill Biocontainer Transfer Assembly

5 L FlexFill® on Stand

50 mL FlexFill Biocontainer Transfer Assembly

500 mL FlexFill® on Stand

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