FlexStation® Rigid Outer Containers

Shipping and storage containers for single-use systems.

FlexStation® rigid transport and shipping containers are available in standard sizes of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 liters to fit Meissner’s TepoFlex® 3D biocontainers. These durable plastic outer containers are reusable and collapsible for storage and handling when not in use. Custom stainless steel carts provide enhanced mobility for both empty and fully deployed FlexStation® ROCs.

When used in combination, Meissner’s One-Touch® single-use systems portfolio of TepoFlex® biocontainers deployed in FlexStation® rigid outer containers has been qualified for liquid transport in accordance with International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Series 3 testing. FlexStation® containers complement Meissner’s line of single-use TepoFlex® biocontainers to provide robust fluid management solutions ideally suited for intra-facility transfers and inter-facility transport of buffers, culture media, and bulk product, or simply as a cost-effective alternative to stationary stainless steel storage bins.

Sizes & Dimensions

FlexStation® 100FlexStation® 200FlexStation® 500FlexStation® 1000
Part NumberFSB0100FBFSB0200FBFSB0500BDFSB1000TD
Volume100 L200 L500 L1000 L
Outside Dimensions
Length31.9″ (809 mm)31.9″ (809 mm)47.2″ (1200 mm)47.2″ (1200 mm)
Width24.0″ (609 mm)24.0″ (609 mm)31.5″ (800 mm)39.4″ (1000 mm)
Height32.8″ (833 mm)32.8″ (833 mm)36.3″ (915 mm)49.5″ (1260 mm)
Collapsed Height15.9″ (403 mm)15.9″ (403 mm)18.5″ (475 mm)18.5″ (475 mm)
Height when stacked 2 high64.8″ (1646 mm)64.8″ (1646 mm)71.3″ (1810 mm)97.8″ (2480 mm)
Footprint5.4 ft2 (0.5 m2)5.4 ft2 (0.5 m2)10.3 ft2 (0.96 m2)12.9 ft2 (1.2 m2)
Container Capacity661 lb (300 kg)661 lb (300 kg)1433 lb (650 kg)2,860 lb (1300 kg)
Functional Temperature0°C – 40°C0°C – 40°C0°C – 40°C0°C – 40°C
Weight when empty66 lb (30 kg)53 lb (24 kg)225 lb (102 kg)225 lb (102 kg)

FlexStation® 360° View

200 L FlexStation® Rigid Outer Container with Cart

200 L FlexStation® ROC with Cart

200 L FlexStation® Rigid Outer Container on Accessory Push Cart with Load Cell

200 L FlexStation® ROC on Accessory Push Cart with Load Cell

FlexStation® ROC Videos

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