FluoroFlex® PVDF Biocontainers

A PVDF product contact layer biocontainer for the pharmaceutical industry’s most demanding applications.

As the most recent addition to the One-Touch® single-use system’s portfolio, Meissner offers PVDF based FluoroFlex® biocontainers.

Meissner’s FluoroFlex® film has been optimized for the pharmaceutical industry’s most demanding requirements. FluoroFlex® biocontainer applications stretch beyond that of traditional polyolefin-based biocontainers, and our own TepoFlex® biocontainers, to open new opportunities for single-use systems.

FluoroFlex® biocontainers employ a PVDF product contact layer for its inherent purity. The film doesn’t require additives or processing aids, and therefore, it offers an extremely low leachables and extractables profile. It also offers thermal stability, chemical resistance and robustness that is beyond traditional PE-based films.

The FluoroFlex® biocontainer’s exceptional EVOH gas barrier and its inherent purity help mitigate the risk of degradation of process solutions and API’s stored and processed in the biocontainers. Additionally, elastomeric thermoplastic (TPU) strength layers in the film’s structure render it strong, yet highly flexible. Our welding technology maximizes seam strength to ensure that FluoroFlex® biocontainers are the industry’s most durable.

FluoroFlex® PVDF film combines inherent purity, inertness and high gas barrier properties to reduce potential product interference in the industry’s most robust biocontainer.

Biocontainer Shapes & Sizes

2D End-ported 50 mL – 20 L
2D End-ported 50 mL – 20 L

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