QuaDrum® Storage Containers

Storage containers designed to support Meissner’s One-Touch® single-use biocontainer assembly portfolios.

Designed to make the most efficient use floor space, Meissner’s QuaDrum® containers offer a square alternative to industry standard cylindrical drums. QuaDrum® containers are available in 50 L, 100 L and 200 L sizes to support Meissner TepoFlex® 3D biocontainer assemblies. The squared base provides for an easy, accurate and repeatable biocontainer deployment relative to standard drums.

The footprint of the QuaDrum® container creates a more stable rigid outer container than a cylindrical drum. The polyethylene containers are chemically resistant and easy to sanitize. Stainless steel dollies are available for QuaDrum® containers and offer mobility and an added level of dynamic stability during intra-facility transport.

A variety of closure lid options is available for QuaDrum® rigid outer storage containers. The standard lid provides complete closure for the utmost security for your deployed biocontainer assembly. The access lid protects the biocontainer assembly, while also delivering accessibility to tubing and filters (fluid paths) to maintain in process functionality. The retaining lid supports a 3″ TC port on a deployed biocontainer and allows for QuaDrum® mixing functionality.

What are the typical applications?

QuaDrum® rigid outer storage containers offer consistent reliable deployment of 3D biocontainer assemblies for storage and intra-facility transport of a variety of process liquids:

  • Buffers
  • Media
  • Bulk drug substance

Sizes & Dimensions

QuaDrum® 25QuaDrum® 50QuaDrum® 100QuaDrum® 200
QuaDrum® Volume25 L50 L100 L200 L
Drum Part NumberFASD-025DFASD-050DFASD-100DFASD-200D
Standard Lid Part NumberFASD-050LFASD-050LFASD-100LFASD-200L
Access Lid Part NumberFASD-050AFASD-050AFASD-100AFASD-200A
Dolly Part NumberFASC-050CFASC-050CFASC-100CFASC-200C
Footprint12″ x 12″ (31 cm x 31 cm)12″ x 12″ (31 cm x 31 cm)18″ x 12″ (46 cm x 31 cm)24″ x 18″ (61 cm x 46 cm)
Functional Temperature0 ˚C – 40 ˚C0 ˚C – 40 ˚C0 ˚C – 40 ˚C0 ˚C – 40 ˚C
Weight when empty5.8 lbs (2.6 kg)10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)16.2 lbs (7.4 kg)37.2 lbs (16.9 kg)

QuaDrum® 360° View

360 QuaDrum® 100 L Filled

100 L QuaDrum® Storage Container Filled

100 L QuaDrum® Storage Container With Optional Lid & Cart

100 L QuaDrum® Storage Container With Optional Lid & Cart

200 L QuaDrum® Storage Container With Optional Lid

200 L QuaDrum® Storage Container With Optional Lid

50 L QuaDrum® Storage Container With Optional Lid & Cart

50 L QuaDrum® Storage Container With Optional Lid & Cart

QuaDrum® Storage Container Videos

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