QuaDrum® Mixing Systems

Gentle, cost-effective mixing solutions for single-use processing applications.

Meissner’s QuaDrum® rigid outer containers (ROCs) are available for rehydration and mixing applications. By combining a true bottom drain option on the QuaDrum® container with an accessory retaining lid and a stainless steel dolly, the QuaDrum® ROC can be used for enhanced recirculation-based mixing for process volumes between 50 L and 200 L.

The retaining lid option for mixing applications not only provides access to fluid paths located on the top of the biocontainer, but also positively locates and supports a 3″ TC port on top of the biocontainer. This port can be used for powder addition or other operations that require large bore access to the biocontainer. The accessory stainless steel dolly, which is required to facilitate bottom drain applications, can be specified with swivel wheels that lock for added security.

The QuaDrum® container’s footprint makes efficient use of manufacturing floor space and provides a dynamically stable base for recirculation based mixing operations. Data that characterizes the mixing performance of the QuaDrum® ROC portfolio in conjunction with recirculation based mixing operations is available by request. The polyethylene ROCs are chemically resistant and easy to clean.

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