UltraClamp™ Sanitary Clamps

UltraClamp™ Sanitary Clamps provide secure fluid path connections for critical pharma applications

Meissner’s new 1.5″ UltraClamp™ is engineered to provide security for critical biopharmaceutical connections. Addressing the global shortage of polyamide, Meissner material scientists qualified polyketone (PK) for use in sanitary clamps. By benchmarking against existing sanitary clamp designs, UltraClamp™ has been optimized for use in single-use assemblies across a wide array of
process connections.

  • Securely connect single-use systems (filter assemblies, tubing assemblies, and biocontainer assemblies)
  • Secure sanitary flange process connections (optimized for both metal and plastic)

UltraClamp™ 360° View

360 .75 Inch UltraClamp

Coming Soon – ¾” UltraClamp™

360 1.5 Inch UltraClamp

1.5″ UltraClamp™

360 3.0 Inch UltraClamp

Coming Soon – 3.0″ UltraClamp™

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