Filter Integrity Testing

In the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, MTS (Meissner Technical Services) can provide your staff with the technical edge it needs to succeed. We enable customers to speed new and existing products to market by expediting solutions that meet their filtration, technical, and validation requirements.

Daily experience with pharmaceuticals has provided the MTS staff with a practical understanding of the industry and its filtration needs. Our experience translates to unsurpassed customer service, allowing clients to attain their optimum filtration performance, while still meeting economic and compliance standards. MTS can provide a complete validation package ready for FDA or other agency's review, which includes both written and in-person support.

Membrane Filter Integrity Testing

MTS Validation Specialists develop the most effective testing protocols for each unique customer, provide complete validation guides and documentation packages, and even conduct staff training. Customer support may take place within our own laboratories, or at the customer's facility.

Our test and validation protocols are designed according to latest industry standards and are tailored to the unique needs of each customer's fluid and set of process conditions. They detail the tests to be performed, the controls and pre-validation tests performed to ensure that all test equipment is properly designed and test methodologies are scientifically sound. Any scaling calculations used for the testing are also detailed so that it is shown clearly how the test work relates to the user's process. All protocols are approved by all parties before work is started.

Meissner's MTS Validation group provides complete reports, recommendations, and documentation with the shortest turnaround time of any filtration manufacturer. MTS can generally validate and provide complete reporting in one month, consistently faster than our competitors.

Leading MTS Validation Services: