Automated Filter Integrity Test Instrument

Meissner's Accuflux® Automated Filter Integrity Test Instrument is a state-of-the art system. It performs industry-standard filter integrity tests with greater speed and accuracy than other instruments.

Using mass-flow measurement technology, high speed data acquisition hardware, and unique software algorithms, the Accuflux® instrument provides these advanced features and advantages:

Design Features:

  • Using our unique TransVector software algorithm, it performs the bubble point test 5 times faster (in as little as 2 minutes) than other instruments.
  • Performing the diffusion test by direct measurement of diffusive flow, the Accuflux® system can cut test time by 50%, compared to competitive instruments.
  • The Accuflux® instrument boosts production efficiency where multiple filter integrity tests are performed daily.
  • Direct measurement of mass flow eliminates errors and cuts test times.
  • Graphical display shows real time measurements.
  • Windows® based software -- easy to use.
  • All tests performed on upstream side of filter, for aseptic operation.
  • Extremely sensitive, rugged mass flow meters.
  • Manufactured in conformance with cGMP guidelines.
  • Extensive validation documentation and qualification of software and hardware ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Integrates readily with LANs or corporate networks.
  • Minimizes operator training time.
  • Modular configuration uses existing computers and printers -- minimizes acquisition costs.
  • Modular configuration maximizes operating flexibility of the unit.
  • Complete Accuflux® instrument Validation Packages are available.

Typical Applications:

  • Bubble Point
  • Diffusion / Forward Flow
  • Pressure Hold
  • Water Intrusion
Accuflux Integrity Test Instrument