Capsule Filling Bell

Optional polycarbonate filling bell optimizes capsule for filtration and aseptic filling of critical fluids.

The capsule filling bell assembly guards against airborne contaminants when used with Meissner’s line of capsules to filter liquids into roller bottles, flasks or other receptacles. The integral capsule filter and filling bell are ideal for filtration and aseptic filling of critical fluids such as tissue culture media, biologicals and other pharmaceutical preparations.

Design Features
  • Polycarbonate filling bell offers more durability and shatter-resistance than glass assemblies
  • Transparent nature allows operators to easily position vessels as they are being filled
  • Available for use on capsules with effective filtration areas of 300cm2, 500cm2, 1000cm2 or 2000cm2
  • Available with capsule filter in a gamma-irradiated version to ensure sterility
  • Filling bell fits a broad selection of capsule filters for both prefiltration and final filtration applications

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Capsule Filter Filling Bell
Capsule Filling Bell Brochure