Capsule Filters

A portfolio of scalable capsule filter options for large batch and bulk filtration through small batch and critical point-of-use filtration of liquids and gases.

Meissner’s portfolio of capsule filters is available with filter surface areas from 200 cm2 to more than 3.5 m2 per capsule. Our entire portfolio of capsule filters from lab scale to product development to full scale production utilize the identical form factor and materials of construction, for streamlined scaling without requalification and revalidation concerns.

All capsule filter configurations can be specified with wide range of media options and offer superior performance for clarification, purification and pre-filtration through sterilizing-grade filtration. Our capsule filters provide high flow rates, low protein binding and broad chemical compatibility. For critical applications, we offer membrane options including PVDF, PES, polypropylene (PP) and PTFE. We also offer polypropylene microfiber, glass fiber and depth filter media options. Configurations for large batch, bulk filtration and continuous processing of liquids and gases are best served with our high capacity single-use large capsule filter portfolio, including the UltraCap® H.D. (Heavy Duty) capsule filters and our UltraCap® capsule filters. The UltraCap® H.D. capsule portfolio rapidly scales with 10″ to 50″ length filter options.

For even larger scale filtration applications, including those that require multi-stage filtration, the scalable UltraSnap® filter assembly combines multiple high capacity UltraCap® H.D. capsule filters into a rigid, pre-assembled solution that can be ordered presterilized for immediate use. By combining unlimited pre- and final filtration in series and/or parallel for quick deployment via a single inlet and outlet connection, the UltraSnap® filtration solution delivers maximum versatility and convenience.

Our standard capsule filter configurations are available with nominal effective filtration areas from 1 ft.2 (0.09 m2) to 2 ft.2 (0.19 m2) to handle critical point-of-use applications and small batch processing for liquids or gases. We also offer a medium capsule filter configuration with a nominal effective filtration area of 0.70 ft.2 (6.50 m2), and mini capsule filter configurations with nominal effective filtration areas from 0.25 ft.2 (0.02 m2) to 0.45 ft.2 (0.04 m2) for smaller batch and smaller volume filtration applications.

Each capsule filter consists of a pleated filter element integrally sealed into a rugged polypropylene housing. A completely self-contained unit is formed by a state-of-the-art thermal bonding process, ensuring maximum filter integrity, security and performance. No glues, resins, adhesives, metals or other extraneous materials are used. Meissner capsule filters have high mechanical strength to withstand shocks, back pressurization, multiple sterilizations and rigorous daily use. A range of capsule filter models is available with a variety of connections for easy, reliable attachment to virtually any filtration or single-use system.