Standard Capsule Filters

Meissner’s CS and CL standard capsule filters are available in a variety of sizes and connections for maximum flexibility in processing applications. The capsules can be used independently, or integrated into single-use biocontainer and tubing assemblies for greater application. Available with Meissner’s full range of sterilizing-grade filtration, clarification, purification and prefiltration media with absolute removal ratings from 0.04 µm to 99 µm. Connection options include sanitary flange (¾" and 1"), hose barb (3/8" to ½"), and male and female NPT fittings. A variety of vent and drain port options are available, including sanitary valves or luer ports with caps. Capsule filters can be specified with nominal effective filtration areas from 1 ft.2 (.09 m2) through 2 ft.2 (.19 m2).

CS and CL capsule filters are available in gamma-irradiated models. The filters comply with European Commission Regulation No. 10/2011. Capsule filter materials of construction meet FDA standards for food contact per 21 CFR 177. A capsule filling bell can be specified for protection against airborne contaminants in liquid filling applications.

Filter Media Options

Filter Configuration Options

UltraSnap® Filter Assembly Configuration

UltraSnap® Filter Assembly

UltraCap® H.D. Capsule Filter Configuration

UltraCap® H.D. Capsule Filter

UltraCap® Capsule Filter Configuration

UltraCap® Capsule Filter

Cartridge Configuration

Filter Cartridges

Small Cartridge Configuration

Small Cartridges

Medium Capsule Filter Configuration

Medium Capsule Filters

Mini Capsule Filter Configuration

Mini Capsule Filters

50 mm Filter Device Configuration

50 mm Filter Devices

25 mm Syringe Filter Device Configuration

25 mm Syringe Filter Devices

Disc Filter Configuration

Disc Filters

CS/CL Capsule Filters 360° View

360 CS2 Capsule Filter
360 CL2 Capsule Filter

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