25 mm Syringe Filters

Ideal filters for critical small volume filtration and laboratory applications

Meissner’s 25 mm syringe filters are convenient, ready-to-use devices for critical small scale filtration and laboratory applications, including scale-up studies of Meissner’s membrane filters. The syringe filter (CA model) product line delivers the same level of performance, quality and support as all of our larger filtration options, in a smaller form factor. Our filters are available in a wide range of membrane and media options to cater to your specific application. Syringe filters are manufactured from the exact same materials of construction as our larger capsule filters to facilitate easy scale-up. For critical applications, we offer membrane options including PVDF, PES, polypropylene (PP) and PTFE. Our entire portfolio of syringe filters directly scales up from 50 mm critical small volume filter devices, to mini capsule filters, to medium capsule filters, to standard capsule filters, to our large capsule filter portfolio for ease of implementation as your application needs grow. Our 25 mm syringe filters use the identical materials of construction as our entire capsule filter portfolio to ensure streamlined scaling without requalification or revalidation concerns. From our syringe filters with 4 cm2 of surface area to our 50″ UltraCap® H.D. filters with up to 3.6 m2 of surface area, the only thing that changes as you scale is the part number you order.

Meissner’s syringe filters are available 100% integrity tested and individually serialized for critical filtration applications offering a unique level of traceability at this scale. We offer a number of different process connections, including luer fittings for use with syringes and hose barbs for seamless integration into single-use assemblies. Syringe filters are offered in a choice of filter media options with absolute ratings from 0.04 µm to 20 µm.

Meissner’s CA model syringe filters are available sterile (gamma irradiated), or non-sterile, and can also be integrated into our One-Touch® portfolio of single-use processing solutions. All materials of construction are biosafe, non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic.

Meissner’s CA model filter devices are intended for single-use and laboratory use only, and should not be used as an in-line filter for intravenous administration.

  • Laboratory evaluation
  • Bottle venting
  • Critical small volume (small scale) filtration
  • Filterability trials
  • Serum & serum additives
  • Growth media, additives & buffers
  • Protein solutions
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • DNA solutions
  • Antibiotics
  • Biologicals
  • Pharmaceutical preparations & intermediates
  • Chromatography solutions
  • Reagents

Filter Media Options

Membrane Filters for Liquid (Hydrophilic)
Microfiber Media Filters
Membrane Filters for Air/Gas (Hydrophobic)

Additional Filter Configurations

Available UltraSnap Filter Configuration
UltraSnap® Filter Assembly
Available UltraCap H.D. Filter Configuration
UltraCap® H.D. Capsule Filters
Available UltraCap Filter Configuration
UltraCap® Capsule Filters
Available Cartridges Configuration
Filter Cartridges
Available Small Cartridges Configuration
Small Cartridges
Available Standard Capsule Configuration
Standard Capsule Filters
Available Medium Capsule Configuration
Medium Capsule Filters
Available Mini Capsule Filter Configuration
Mini Capsule Filters
Available 50 mm Vent Filter Configuration
50 mm Filter Devices
Available Disc Filter Configuration
Disc Filters

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