50 mm Critical Small Scale Filter Device

Ideal filters for removal of microorganisms and particulates from critical small batch liquid volumes from 50 mL to 2 L, and air and gas applications.

Meissner’s 50 mm critical small scale filtration device portfolio, or CB filter model line, delivers excellent performance in venting applications. However, by expanding the media options available in the 50 mm filter size to include a host of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic membranes, and Meissner’s unique gradient density prefilter media, the ideal applications for this filter device have been greatly expanded. For critical liquid or air/gas applications, we offer membrane options including hydrophilic PVDF and hydrophobic PVDF, hydrophilic PES, and hydrophobic PTFE. Our entire portfolio of 50 mm filter devices scales effortlessly into our mini capsule filters, medium capsule filters, standard capsule filters and large capsule portfolios. Our 50 mm filter devices use the identical materials of construction as our entire capsule filter portfolio to ensure streamlined scaling without requalification or revalidation concerns.

While these filters have traditionally been referred to as “vent filters” or “50 mm filters,” Meissner’s CB product portfolio has been optimized for use in critical small scale or small volume filtration applications, delivering the same high quality, high performance, fully supported solution as larger scale filters common to typical process scale applications. Meissner recognizes that this is required for small batch and point of use filtration applications. Each filter is available 100% integrity tested and individually serialized to offer unparalleled traceability at this scale. Multiple process connection options, including hose barb and sanitary flange fittings, vent and filling bell options deliver maximum flexibility to allow this filter portfolio to cater to specific process needs.

Meissner’s CB filter portfolio is ideal for filtering small scale liquid volumes from 50 mL to 2 L. Applications for both liquids and gases include sterile filtration, sterile venting, sample preparation, process development studies, filterability testing, product compatibility and recovery trials, process screening and scaling, and prefiltration and clarification. Since the materials of construction of these filter devices is identical to our larger capsule filters, the scale-up of a process is seamless as clients transition to larger process volumes. The 50 mm filters are available sterile (gamma irradiated), or non-sterile, and can also be integrated into our One-Touch® portfolio of single-use processing solutions.

Our Steridyne® capsule filters are an industry preferred option for single-use bioreactor venting applications to maintain a closed system. The Steridyne® CB filter device offers the same level of high performance for smaller single-use and multi-use bioreactor venting, with the Ultradyne® filter option being available for multi-use bioreactor applications, as well.

  • Sterile filtration of liquids
  • Sterile filtration of gases (including venting of carboys, filling vessels, fermentation tanks, bioreactors, small product or intermediate tanks, degassing, sterile purging of culture vessels)
  • Sample preparation
  • Filterability testing
  • Product compatibility and recovery trials
  • Process screening and scaling
  • Prefiltration
  • Clarification
  • Sterile gas delivery to instruments, incubators and culture vessels
  • Protection of laboratory personnel from vacuum pump exhaust contaminants
  • Protecting pump components from liquid damage by using between a pump and receiving vessel
  • Filtering chromatography solutions
  • Filtering reagents

Filter Media Options

Membrane Filters for Liquid (Hydrophilic)
Microfiber Media Filters
Membrane Filters for Air/Gas (Hydrophobic)

Additional Filter Configurations

Available UltraSnap Filter Configuration
UltraSnap® Filter Assembly
Available UltraCap H.D. Filter Configuration
UltraCap® H.D. Capsule Filters
Available UltraCap Filter Configuration
UltraCap® Capsule Filters
Available Cartridges Configuration
Filter Cartridges
Available Small Cartridges Configuration
Small Cartridges
Available Standard Capsule Configuration
Standard Capsule Filters
Available Medium Capsule Configuration
Medium Capsule Filters
Available Mini Capsule Filter Configuration
Mini Capsule Filters
Available 25 mm Syringe Filter Configuration
25 mm Syringe Filter Devices
Available Disc Filter Configuration
Disc Filters

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