CryoVault® Bench Top Freezer

Meissner’s CryoVault® bench top freezer rounds out the freeze and thaw portfolio for bulk drug substance.  This compact system provides a small-scale representative freeze and thaw solution to complement our full production-scale CryoVault® CV300 and CV96 platforms.  The bench top freezer supports process and product development for the entire platform, while only requiring a fraction of the footprint and process fluids for testing and validation of freeze and thaw solutions.

  • The CryoVault® bench top freezer accommodates 10 quantity 40 mL or 120 mL
    stability containers.
  • The system can cool containers to -60 °C and heat containers up to 40 °C.

Bench Top Freezer 360° View

360 Bench Top Freezer

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