Saltus® CFD Study

An in depth analysis of the Saltus® Single-Use Mixer’s capabilities.

Meissner has conducted a thorough Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study in support of the Saltus® M200 Next Generation Single-Use Mixing System. The data gathered illustrates the Saltus® M200’s performance characteristics and highly effective mixing capabilities.

The CFD study reliably predicts the operational performance of our Saltus® M200. While the high frequency, low amplitude agitation vibromixing technology employed by the Saltus® is a well-established technology, its implementation into a next generation single-use mixing platform is unique. This CFD study provides end-users with an understanding of the system’s mixing dynamics as well as valuable information, such as shear stress imparted to the fluid during mixing.

Characterization of both fluid flow as well as sheer stress was performed and homogenization performance was analyzed. The resulting data generated allows for easy comparison of agitator configuration alternatives, in conjunction with various process settings, in order to assist clients in selecting the best option for their mixing applications. Video data of various mixing scenarios graphically depicts the mixer’s effectiveness over elapsed time and can be accessed below.

The extensive CFD study analysis was performed on the Saltus® M200 mixing system for the following parameters:

  • Single and dual disc agitator configurations
  • Fluid fill volumes ranging from 50 L to 200 L
  • Multiple agitation frequencies spanning the range of typical operation

To evaluate the fluid flow, shear stress, and homogenization performance of the Saltus® M200 mixing system, models were generated to develop velocity vector diagrams, sheer stress analyses, and mass fraction method homogenization scenarios. The results demonstrate that the Saltus® M200 mixer is unique in its capability to provide exceptionally fast homogenization performance, while delivering a low shear, gentle mixing profile that promotes a high level of mass fluid flow.

For more in depth information on the contents of the CFD study, please contact Meissner directly.

CFD Study Analysis Videos

Saltus CFD Study Bead Testing
Visual Verification – Particle Tracking
Saltus CFD Study Dye Testing
Visual Verification – Localized Dye Dispersion
Visual Velocity Vector Data
Velocity Vector Data
Shear Stress Test 6 Hz
Shear Stress Test 6 Hz
Saltus CFD Study - Homogenization 12 Hz - Single Oscillation
Homogenization 12 Hz – Single Oscillation
Saltus CFD Study - Homogenization 6 Hz - Dual Oscillation
Homogenization 6 Hz – Dual Oscillation

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