Tangential Flow Filters (SepraPor®)

SepraPor® Hollow Fiber Filters Are Available in Cartridge and Capsule Configurations

SepraPor® are tangential flow filtration devices containing microporous hollow fiber membranes (HFM). SepraPor® devices are ideal for use in a variety of biopharmaceutical applications, including bacterial cell concentration, mammalian cell concentration, yeast concentration, and continuous cell culture perfusion. SepraPor® filters are available in a range of sizes in both capsule and cartridge formats. Cartridges are designed to fit inside stainless steel housings for steam-in-place (SIP) sterilization and operation. Capsules are available as standalone filters or as part of process-ready, gamma-sterilized assemblies. Capsule and cartridge filters are both designed to withstand the rigors of autoclave, SIP, or gamma sterilization.

Which SepraPor® Filter Should You Use?

Our interactive Shear Rate Calculator tool will calculate the shear rate for a given filter diameter and recirculation (volumetric flow) rate to help you determine the optimal SepraPor® filter size for your application.

Shear Rate Calculator

Featured SepraPor® Hollow Fiber Filter Video

3/8 Inch SepraPor® Tangential Flow Capsule Filter Lab Demo

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