Tangential Flow Capsules

SepraPor® Microporous Hollow Fiber Capsule Filters

SepraPor® tangential flow filtration capsules are available in a range of configurations to seamlessly scale from lab applications to full-scale production, with effective filtration areas (EFA) from 0.011 m2 to 4.4 m2. The capsules are available as a standalone filter or as part of a process-ready, gamma-sterilized assembly. Microporous SepraPor® capsules are available in porosity ratings of 0.1 µm, 0.2 µm, and 0.45 µm.

SepraPor® Hollow Fiber Capsule Filter 360° View

360 Large SepraPor Capsule

4 1/2 Inch Hollow Fiber Capsule Filter

360 Small SepraPor Cartridge Group

3/8 Inch Hollow Fiber Capsule Filter

Cell Culture Perfusion, Cell Concentration, and High Productivity Harvest Using SepraPor®

3/8 Inch SepraPor® Tangential Flow Capsule Filter Lab Demo

Additional SepraPor® Hollow Fiber Filter Videos

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SepraPor® Introduction @ BPI US 2020
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SepraPor® Hollow Fiber Filter Portfolio

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