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We are an energetic team of individuals that help inspire each other to achieve our fullest potential. We thrive on the service and satisfaction of our global customer base. Leadership takes an active role in each individual’s development and provides guidance to establish growth opportunities and maximize talent.

Our culture melds the minds and spirits of engineers, scientists, chemists, and sales and marketing specialists across the globe to fuel creative energy. This energy is harnessed to spur innovation, visualize better ways to accomplish strategic goals, and create products that have not yet been introduced to our marketplace. Leadership is skilled at synergizing talents to foster the innovation process, which manifests itself in the design, development and delivery of real world products to enhance and enable the biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. We take pride in all we have accomplished, but look to the future with the excitement and passion that comes from believing we offer the best quality products and deliver outstanding service to all we have the pleasure to call our customers.

If you are inspired by reading this, then you will probably make a good Meissner candidate. We welcome you to reach out to our staff and explore the employment opportunities that we have available. Please feel free to peruse our listed employment opportunities.

We are a company filled with professionals who are passionate about what we do at every level. Meissner offers a fantastic work environment with daily opportunities to work with and learn from the company’s executives, leaders, and area specialists.

Work at Meissner

If you are interested in pursuing one of our opportunities listed below, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Location Title Description Apply
Camarillo, CA U.S. Applications Engineer Do you want to help make the world a better place while using your engineering skills? Does the pharmaceutical and biotech industry call out to you?
Camarillo, CA U.S. Process Engineer Would you enjoy being a part of an engineering team tasked with expanding a world class manufacturing infrastructure? Want to help push the envelope to deliver cutting-edge technologies?
Camarillo, CA U.S. Key Account Manager Are you ready to put your bioprocessing background to work? Do you enjoy making your customers’ lives easier? Do you want elevate the Status Quo?
Camarillo & San Luis Obispo, CA U.S. Engineering Intern Do you love the idea of working with passionate and professional engineers in an environment dedicated to bringing products from idea conception to full scale manufacturing?
Camarillo, CA U.S. Product Manager Meissner Filtration Products is looking for a Product Manager for its innovative single-use and filtration product portfolios.
Camarillo, CA U.S. Marketing Intern Meissner Filtration Products is looking for an individual who has strong, proven skills in the Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) environment.