Standards Guides

Meissner is committed to delivering the most dynamic display of product portfolios to our client base, instantaneously, via our website. These guides deliver single-use assembly designs that are ready-to-order and deploy, as well as serving as the basic design layout to help stimulate more elaborate custom assemblies.

CryoVault® Freeze and Thaw Platform

The CryoVault® Standards Guide presents Meissner’s end-to-end platform solution to address the common challenges associated with bulk drug substance freeze/thaw operations.  This guide illustrates the comprehensive nature of the platform, which includes freeze/thaw units and all necessary material handling equipment that has been designed to work in unison with an innovative rigid wall single-use storage container.  The CV300 and CV96 platforms are highlighted and include all operations from fill, freeze, intrafacility transfer, storage, interfacility distribution, thaw, mix, and dispense.

XytoFlex™ Cell Expansion Biocontainers for Cell Therapy

Meissner’s Standards Guide for its XytoFlex™ biocontainers highlights the gas permeable assemblies available for optimized cell expansion on suspension-based cell lines. The biocontainer assemblies are offered in six nominal volumes from 50 mL to 5 L with 2- or 3-port options. Biocontainer assembly drawings and descriptions are included with part numbers, which can be ordered directly, or customized further with the assistance of our Applications Engineering team.

TepoFlex® Single-Use Biocontainer Assemblies

Meissner has addressed the need to have a repository of ready-to-use biocontainer assembly designs by creating a Web-accessible “Standards Guide” for the pharmaceutical/biotech industries. This comprehensive guide incorporates best practice biocontainer designs with commonly requested functionalities to create standards that can be purchased for delivery within 3-4 weeks. The guide also serves as a starting point to streamline the design process for customized products engineered to optimize end-user requirements. Meissner’s application engineering team provides guidance for design and scale-up, process flow requirements and validation support.

Biocontainer designs are available for 2D end-ported and face-ported configurations, and 3D configurations, including designs optimized for FlexStation® rigid outer containers and standard QuaDrum® and industry standard cylindrical drum containers. Over 65 pages of standard biocontainer assembly designs are available for reference.

FluoroFlex® PVDF Biocontainer Assemblies

Meissner’s Standards Guide for its FluoroFlex® biocontainer assemblies contains best practice designs for 2D end-ported biocontainers. These biocontainers can be ordered from the Guide directly or used as the starting point to design custom biocontainer solutions for biomanufacturing needs. Standard biocontainer assemblies drawings and specifications are available in designs from 50 mL up to 20 L.

FlexGro® Rocker-Style Biocontainer Assemblies

Meissner’s Standards Guide for its FlexGro® biocontainer assembly portfolio details options ideal for use with rocker style bioreactor platforms. The guide illustrates options for the single-use assemblies in nominal volumes from 5 liters to 50 liters with working volumes up to 25 liters. The Guide presents various port options available on the basic through standard assemblies. Clients can order FlexGro® biocontainer assemblies directly from the Guide, or use it as a starting point to create biocontainer assemblies customized to specific end-user requirements. FlexGro® biocontainers feature Meissner’s TepoFlex® polyethylene (PE) multi-layer film.