SKR Filters

SKR filter cartridges are pleated, small-area filters for critical point-of-use filtration and small batch processing of liquids and gases.

Available in two sizes, the filters are designed for use in Meissner’s SKR filter housings and in competitive filter housings that accommodate a skirt-flange sealing mechanism. SKR filter cartridges are part of Meissner’s SFE (Small Flow Element) filter product line.

A skirt-flange adapter is integrally welded to the end cap of each SKR filter cartridge. When the cartridge is installed and the housing is fully assembled, the adapter prevents fluid bypass.

Design Features
  • Full range of hydrophilic or hydrophobic filter media
  • Retention ratings from 0.04 µm to 99 µm
  • High flow rates at low pressure drops – high throughputs
  • Ideal for flow rates up to 3 gpm (11 L min-1) or 60 scfm (102 Nm3hr-1) in gases
  • Extremely low extractables
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Cleanroom manufactured
  • All materials of construction comply with FDA regulations – meet USP class VI Biologicals Tests for Plastics Requirements
  • Ultraclean – no additives, surfactants or post-treatments
  • No glues, adhesives, epoxies, or other extraneous materials used in construction
  • Extremely rugged – withstands back pressure surges, hydraulic shocks, multiple sterilizations, and rigorous application conditions
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Biologicals
  • Bioprocessing
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Microelectronics
  • Point-of-use filtration
  • Continuous or small batch processing
  • Laboratory, pilot plant and production
  • Clarification
  • Particulate filtration
  • Prefiltration
  • Sterile filtration
  • Sterile air/gas/venting
  • Mycoplasma removal
  • Virus reduction

Filter Media Options

Additional Filter Configurations

Available UltraSnap Filter Configuration
UltraSnap® Filter Assembly
Available UltraCap H.D. Filter Configuration
UltraCap® H.D. Capsule Filters
Available UltraCap Filter Configuration
UltraCap® Capsule Filters
Available Cartridges Configuration
Filter Cartridges
Available Standard Capsule Filter Configuration
Standard Capsule Filters
Available Medium Capsule Configuration
Medium Capsule Filters
Available Mini Capsule Filter Configuration
Mini Capsule Filters
Available 50 mm Vent Filter Configuration
50 mm Filter Devices
Available 25 mm Syringe Filter Configuration
25 mm Syringe Filter Devices
Available Disc Filter Configuration
Disc Filters

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